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Q1. Do you provide a PA?

Yes we provide full PA and backline (i.e. all instruments an equipment required to make us sound good!).


Q2. Do you provide lighting?

We have basic disco lighting (3 rope lights, 6-way pod light and small laser machine). If you feel your event would benefit from more substantial lighting, please let us know and we can provide a competitive quote.


Q3. Are you flexible on set lengths and timings? How long do you play for?

In short the answer is yes. We find that the ideal timings for an evening performance usually incorporate two Roadrunners sets of around an hour each (with a 45min break in the middle – see Q7). This could also be stretched over a longer period by playing 3 x 40min sets with two intervals. If you would require us to play for longer than 2hrs then we would be happy to discuss your requirements but this may be subject to an additional fee.


Q4. How many songs do you play in an evening?

We usually get through 30-35 songs in a typical evening (depending on the ratio of Song 2’s to Hotel California’s!).


Q5. Who picks the setlist and how does this work?

We are happy to select the setlist for you and tailor this to your audience on the night. Our experience of playing weddings and functions for over 12 years has given us a good feel for the songs that tend to go down well with different kinds of crowds. You can however help tailor the set in the following way; Please download the Excel version of our song list from the Songs page and pick your favourite 30-40 from the list of over 200 songs in our repertoire (by putting a ‘1’ in the box next to your chosen songs). The sheet will calculate how many songs you have chosen at the top as a running tally. If there are any songs you definitely don’t want us to play, please enter a ‘0’ into the same box. We then promise to base our set selections around these choices.


We update this list at regular intervals through the year, so please remember to check this prior to your event to see whether you want to amend your choices. We do request however that you submit your selections no later than 3 weeks prior to our performance.


Q6. Do you learn requests (e.g. for a first dance at a wedding)?

Yes we do, up to two per booking. Please see our Packages page for full details.


Q7. Can we play our iPod/Phone playlist through your PA system (e.g. during intervals or after your performance)?

Yes, this usually works very well and acts as a good alternative to a DJ. We have all connecting leads and can manage the operation of your device/playlists if given instructions on the day of our performance.


Q8. Do you need feeding and watering?!

We request some kind of hot meal for the 5 band members prior to our performance. We would also expect soft drinks to be provided through the evening. Anything else is a bonus!


Q9. Will you dress up/follow a theme?

It has been known (but don’t tell anyone!). Please make any special requirements such as this known at the time of booking and we will advise if there are to be any additional charges for this.


Q10. What stage size/playing area do you need?

We consider ourselves quite a ‘deep’ band. Not because we analyse the lyrics to Pink Floyd songs late into the night (though it has been known), but because we need quite a lot of space front to back. This enables our frontmen the requisite space to throw their rock star shapes without falling back into the drummer’s lap.


For those of you who are more practically minded, that means we ideally need a space of at least 5m (left to right) x 4m (front to back). Having said that we have also managed to squeeze into the corner of a small Chinese Restaurant before, so we CAN adapt if necessary! A stage is not necessary by any stretch but it can add to the overall impact of our performance.


Q11. What are your Power Requirements?

This one gets asked quite a lot for marquee weddings. As this is often measured differently (depending on who you speak to) we tend not to offer an exact figure. However, you can download a full list of our equipment with associated load values here or see link at bottom of page. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, we would be happy to discuss this at the time of booking.


Q12. Can we come and see you play live before making our booking?

This gets asked quite a lot and it’s often quite a difficult one for us. We are victims of our own success in some ways (!) in that we very rarely have time to play public gigs, being so busy with the private functions. However, our new year’s resolution is to play at least once every four months in London so that people can come and see us… enquire within to see whether we’ve got anything in the diary.


Q13. ??

There is no question 13 (for obvious reasons) but if you can think of anything else we haven’t covered here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.






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